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  • The Boston PYPE professional group has been active in the area for several years

  • We are now offering services to businesses too.

  • We have more than 800 Facebook followers across several different pages and groups.

  • We also have telegram channels for Jobs and Women related topics with over 800 members.

  • We mainly focus on the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut markets.

  • Once you join the PYPE discount program, you will be added to our online directory:

  • You will also benefit from marketing efforts through card advertisements. Our professional team will handle social media and provide you with an exclusive boost. (Post your information to more than 50 related groups)

  • You will also be eligible for discounts when sponsoring our other events.

  • We will also build a community among the business owners to help them prosper. We plan to host monthly meetings, workshops to help them with different business-related topics.  

  • The focus of our expansion plan is on the following communities: Armenians, Persians, and Europeans.

  • We build the consumer base while growing the directory listings. We have to work together and support each other's efforts to turn this idea into a successful program.

  • We will be conducting ongoing communication with you as our primary objective is to establish a long-term trust relationship with the local businesses.

  • Please do note that our platform can only generate traffic for your business, not sales. Our platform cannot sell products or services directly to consumers.

    We offer our most popular package at $10/month with a four-month commitment for the first 50 businesses who join the program. Please email for more info.

We highly appreciate your interest in the Boston PYPE discount card program. Program highlights:

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